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Metal Roofing

Metal Roofs have become one of the fastest growing roofing options in the United States. It’s not only a great option to increase curb appeal but also one of the most reliable roofing options. Metal roofing has become one of the biggest highlights for our company. With some of the best installers in Texas, we have been able to take our quality craftsmanship to a new level. We currently have a Metal Shop where we have full control of the entire manufacturing process. This allows us to make sure every detail is up to industry standards and brings down our competitive price point.  We can offer a better warranty for our customers while producing the best materials in the industry.

Our Metal Shop

The Benefits of a Metal Roof

They Are Longer Lasting 

One of the most appealing factors of a metal roof is its life expectancy. Depending on the gauge and the type of metal system chosen, a metal roof can last anywhere from 50 to well over 100 years. 

They are Very Durable 

Metal Roofs are one of the safest and most durable roofs a home or business owner can buy. Hail damage can be most devastating to a roof, some storms can even cause hail to go completely through the roof and into the home. This doesn’t happen to a metal roof since they are extremely effective against penetration, and contain the highest impact resistant rating a (Class 4). A properly installed metal roof can be very effective against heavy winds as well. But it’s very important to it installed correctly; a poorly installed roof can easily be detached by mild to heavy winds.

Metal Roofs Come in Many Styles

And many colors 

When Its Time to Replace

Generally, most people replace their metal roof due to age and deterioration but there are other signs to look out for.  Large dents, even those caused by hail may warrant a replacement due to the stripping of the protective coating on the metal. This can cause water to sit in the pockets and start to cause rust to the metal affecting many panels and eventually the entire roof. Bending of the roof can also be a sign of needed replacement. Have one of our  professionals come out for a free inspection. 

Metal Roof Gallery

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