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Top 5 Roofing Mistakes to Watch Out For (Shingles)

Here are 5 common mistakes you want to watch out for during your roof replacment.

No. 1 Improper Ventilation: Before installing the roof, attention should be given to the attic space and its ventilation. Products like ridge, turtle, box, solar powered and slant back vents provide airflow to the attic. Placing vents in the wrong location and/or adding too many or too little can negatively impact circulation of the attic. Improper Circulation can result in higher electric bills, shingle blistering, shingle lift as well as many other roof related issues.

No.2 Shingle Overhang: Shingle overhang is a vital part of the roofing installation process. It is required to have an overhang between an inch and an inch and a half for standard roofing shingles. The overhang provides extra weight and coverage to the drip edge to reduce shingle uplift and water penetration. Improper installation with too much overhang can cause shingles to be easily become lifted by wind allowing for water penetration. Shingles cut too short can lead to water penetration due to the lack of coverage to the decking and drip edge.

No. 3 Improper Ridge Vent Installation: Ridge Vent is a great option for roofing ventilation but improper installation can lead to many roof related issues. Ridge Vent slots should be cut 3/4 inches on each side of the ridge board. Improper Installation can cause the vent to malfunction in multiple ways. One of the most common is ridge sagging, commonly seen in ridge cuts that are too wide resulting in the weight of the ridge to sink. Other problems can also occur including a non-ventilating ridge vent, leaks, and ridge pops.

No. 4 Valley Protection: One of the most potentially devastating mistakes that a roofing company can make is to not properly protect the roof's valleys. Valleys are the most common spots on the roof to suffer from leak damage and rot. Water runoff is generally concentrated in these sections of the roof and the decking underneath has slight separation. Properly installing valley protection such as valley metal and ice and water shield will protect these areas of the roof as a third layer of defense.

No. 5 Nail Placement: One of the most common mistakes made by roofers is the misuse of nails when installing the shingles. Manufacturer guidelines generally require 4 nails per shingle. Too many and the decking, as well as the shingle, can become compromised. Too few and the shingle will not hold up to its wind rating, warrant, and lifespan.

Here at Sanders Roofing & Exteriors, we strive to provide the best possible service and craftsmanship one can offer. We believe in quality over quantity and with these ideas, we have been able to achieve the Platinum ranking with Owens Corning and an amazing customer base. If you would like to learn more about Sanders Roofing & Exteriors, please feel free to check out the rest of our website. Thank you

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