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Excellence is Key

Generally, tile roofs require a wooden or metal frame to support the load and placement of the tiles. A rotten or poorly installed frame can cause serious problems and decrease the lifespan of the roof. Our workers focus on making sure every detail of installation is done perfectly. Our goal is to ensure your tile roof will last as long as possible using only quality materials.

The Benefits of Tile Roofs

Tile roofs have many benefits; besides the beautiful look of the roof, they also perform much better compared to other roofing materials in harsher conditions. They can resist natural disaster damage in extreme situations, such as hurricanes, much better than other roofing options. They are fire proof and have a class A rating.  

Clay Tile Roofs

Traditional Colors & Design
Modern Colors & Design
Why choose Clay Tile over Concrete?

Clay tiles have many benefits over concrete tiles. Not only are they able to survive most extreme weather but they can also last a very long time, in some cases centuries. They generally will be able to hold their color much longer than concrete shingles while also avoiding significant damage over time. However, they can cost double of a concrete tile roof.

Concrete Tile Roofs

Traditional Colorless Design
Traditional Color Design
Why choose Concrete Tile over Clay?

Concrete Tiles may not last as long nor have the colorfast that clay does but there are some benefits. Concrete tile roofs are still very durable and will last a long time while securing the roof during most extreme conditions. The major difference is the cost, a concrete tile roof can save you up to half of the cost of a clay roof.

Tile Gallery

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