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From Bleak to Bright

Turn your home’s dated and weathered exterior into the envy of the neighborhood. Not only do our windows bring a new beautiful look to the exterior of the home but they are also a major part of your home's insulation.  The older your home, the higher the chance your windows are made with single-pane or inefficient double pane glass, which can contribute to heat-loss and air leaks.  Some older homes may even have windows with lead-based glass surfaces, which is both dangerous and unhealthy.  Whatever the case may be, Sanders Roofing can offer replacement glass and windows that are stronger, safer and more energy efficient.


Is it Time to Replace?

Are your windows drafty, cracked, fogged, or just too cold to be near in the winter?  If so, it’s probably time to replace those windows and increase the value of your home.  Depending on the severity of your window damage, replacement options can range from replacing just the glass to replacing the entire window unit including the frame. If you are looking to replace your windows entirely, Sanders Roofing has many options to meet your needs including Simonton vinyl, Don Young aluminum, and Andersen 100 Series composite replacement windows.  Each of these materials offers unique strengths and aesthetic qualities.  Call to find out which one is best for your home.


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